We Are Steering & Suspension Repair Specialists for All Makes & Models

Steering stability and handling are heavily reliant on the performance of your suspension components. Worn suspension components will reduce the stability of your vehicle and the driver’s control.  Because suspension system components combine into one working unit, suspension issues that go untreated often increase the wear on other suspension components, resulting in more expensive repairs.

Symptoms of a failing steering and suspension system include:

      • Noise when driving over bumps
      • Vehicle bouncing
      • Vehicle is hard to turn
      • Uneven tire wear
      • Excess “play” in steering
      • Wandering wheels – vehicle doesn’t track in a straight line

The expert technicians at Southside Tire & Auto in Grand Rapids, MN, are specialists in repairing steering and suspension issues.  We’ll inspect your vehicle’s complete steering and suspension system, diagnose what’s wrong and then repair or replace the faulty components.

Our Steering & Suspension services include:

    • Inspect Entire Suspension & Steering System
    • Ball Joint Replacement
    • Tie Rod Replacement
    • Bushings Replacement
    • Control Arm Replacement
    • Stabilizer Bar Service & Repair
    • Hub Bearing Replacement
    • Wheel Bearing Replacement
    • Shock Replacement
    • Strut Replacement
    • Coil Spring Replacement
    • Air Spring Replacement
    • Leaf Spring Repair
    • Wheel Alignment
    • Gear Box Repair
    • Power Steering Pump Replacement
    • Rack & Pinion Replacement
    • Power Steering Fill & System Bleed
    • Power Steering Hoses Replacement
    • Power Steering Belt Replacement
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Need shocks, struts, suspension or steering repair - see Southside Tire & Auto in Grand Rapids MN.
Southside Tire & Auto provides 24 month, 24,000 mile warranty on most parts and service


Comprehensive check engine light diagnostics and repair using state-of-the-art licensed equipment.


Inspection and repair of front disc brakes, rear disc brakes and rear drum brakes as well as ABS diagnosis & repair.


Complete engine repair, engine replacement and engine rebuilding services.


A/C testing, recharge & repair services done by expert technicians to get your air conditioning system cooling again.


New tires, flat tire repair, tire mounting and rotation, wheel balancing, wheel alignments and full suspension repair. 


Oil change & filter replacement service including top quality oils, lube, fluids top off, and 23-point inspection. 

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