ABS Repair – We Repair Antilock Brakes on All Makes & Models

Most of today’s vehicles come equipped with anti-lock brakes (ABS).  At Southside Tire and Auto, our expert technicians have the training and state-of-the-art equipment to diagnose and provide anti lock brakes repair on all ABS braking systems

If your vehicle’s ABS warning light comes on, that usually indicates there is a fault condition somewhere in the ABS brake system that the ABS computer is detecting. This is most likely an electrical fault, like a defective wheel speed sensor or a defective power relay for the ABS module or pump.  Sometimes it can indicate a lower than normal fluid level in a dedicated ABS fluid reservoir.

If there are no other brake system warning lights on, you can drive the vehicle although it will have a non-functioning anti lock brakes system.  It is important to note, however that since there is no ABS system, the vehicle can skid out of control in a panic-type stop, especially in less than ideal road conditions.

If other brake system lights are illuminated along with the ABS light, then there is usually something seriously wrong with the overall braking system. It is very likely that the vehicle is not safe to drive, and the safest thing to do is have the vehicle towed to our shop. If there is a brake system problem, it is very possible that the vehicle could experience a brake failure that would endanger lives.

When your BRAKE or ABS warning light comes on, stop by or contact Southside Tire and Auto at 218-326-0363 for expert brake repair service.

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