CV Joints, Axles & Driveshaft Repair for All Makes & Models of Cars & Trucks

There are several signs to look for when determining whether to schedule an inspection and repair of your vehicle’s front axle, rear axle, CV joints, and driveshaft components. Clunking or clicking noises are signs that a CV joint needs replacement. Vibrations during acceleration may indicate a damaged driveshaft, though they may also point to an axle issue depending on the layout of your vehicle. Turning and steering issues may also arise out of a problem with the driveshaft. CV joints usually go bad when the grease leaks out of a damaged CV boot. Your vehicle’s axle, CV joint, and driveshaft components will degrade over time, the speed of the degradation depends on conditions like driving style, driving environment and whether the vehicle is for heavy-duty or light-duty use.

The expert technicians at Southside Tire & Auto in Grand Rapids, MN, excel in repairing chassis and drivetrain issues.  Stop by or call us at 218-326-0363 regarding inspection and repair of your CV joints, axle and driveshaft problems.

We offer the following Axle, CV Joint & Driveshaft Repair services:

    • CV Axle Inspection
    • CV Axle Replacement
    • CV Boot Replacement
    • CV Joint Replacement
    • U-Joint Replacement
    • Yoke Replacement
    • Driveshaft Replacement
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See Southside Tire & Auto in Grand Rapids, MN for CV-joint repair, drive axle repair and auto driveshaft repair.
Southside Tire & Auto provides 24 month, 24,000 mile warranty on most parts and service

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