Don’t Ignore a Flashing or Solid Check Engine Light. Trust Southside Tire & Auto to Diagnose and Fix The Problem

Your vehicle’s check engine light is designed to keep you informed of the condition of your engine and warn of any issues that should be looked into. It monitors many aspects of the vehicle: emissions controls, transmission shifting, engine and fuel management, and even more in the cases of luxury or hybrid vehicles.  Southside Tire & Auto provides check engine light repair and complete diagnostics for all makes and models of cars, light trucks, SUVs, crossovers, vans and RVs.

Check Engine Light On? See the experts at Southside Tire & Auto in Grand Rapids, MN for diagnostics and repair.When the check engine light comes on, it is a malfunction indicator.  It does not mean you “just need an oil change or tune-up.” It’s not a service reminder and rarely has anything to do with routine maintenance. Diagnosis of a check engine light requires more than simply pulling a fault code and replacing some parts. We fully diagnose what is wrong, then we review our results with you before we begin replacing parts or doing further work.

If the check engine light is on solid, and the car seems to drive normally, the problem is not an urgent concern. You can schedule a convenient time to bring your vehicle in for evaluation.

Check Engine Light Repair

If the check engine light blinks, or the car bucks, hesitates, loses power, or any similar driving concern – DO NOT continue to drive the vehicle. Further driving will very likely cause significant damage to components. Contact Southside Tire & Auto immediately at 218-326-0363.

Trust your vehicle to the experts at Southside Tire and Auto.  Most parts and labor are warranted for 24 months or 24,000 miles.

Ready to schedule an appointment?  Give us a call at 218-326-0363 or fill out the Check for Available Service Time Form below.  After you submit the form, we’ll be in touch to schedule and confirm your service appointment.
Check Engine Light Diagnostics performed by the expert technicians at Southside Tire & Auto in Grand Rapids, MN.
Southside Tire & Auto provides 24 month, 24,000 mile warranty on most parts and service

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